UK government accept flu jab caused narcolepsy

In the face of overwhelming evidence, the UK Government has finally acknowledged that the swine flu jab given unnecessarily to millions of children in the UK has caused the severe disabling condition narcolepsy in some children. Four families have now been told that they can claim compensation after the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, caused narcolepsy in their children. Narcolepsy is a rare debilitating auto-immune disorder that causes sufferers to feel abnormally sleepy and lethargic during the day; it usually occurs with cataplexy, a temporary muscle weakness triggered by emotion. Some children paradoxically also show symptoms of hyperactivity. Nearly a million children were given the vaccine to prevent swine flu, which was never as dangerous as first feared. Many of us warned against giving Pandemrix to children as the vaccine contains both mercury (as thiomersal) and squalene – a potent stimulater of the immune system. In addition swine flu was rarely life-threatening, being generally milder than regular seasonal flu. Now that the government has accepted this catastrophic vaccine reaction it is likely that many more affected children will apply for compensation.