The 2014/15 flu vaccine used in the UK is totally useless

A report by Public Health England has calculated that the flu vaccine used this winter protected just three out of every 100 recipients of the jab. However the large uncertainty over this figure means that it may not have protected anyone at all. This means that the millions of children and adults who received the jab was worse off than if they hadn't received the jab at all when one takes into account the risks of side effects that occur with any vaccine.
Doctors at Public Health England continue to recommend the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to treat flu even though the best research has shown that it only reduces the length of time the sufferer has symptoms by half a day from seven days to six and a half days.
The complete ineffectiveness of this year's flu vaccine, though unfortunate, was not known before it was recommended. But to persist in recommending a treatment that does not prevent any of the serious complications of flu and yet produces unpleasant and sometimes serious side-effects is, at the very best, bad practice.